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There are only two kind of thoughts – those against GOD & those that adhere to GOD’s way of thinking. The first kind of thought are ‘untruth’ or maya (delusion) or ignorance. The second are Truth or ‘spiritual wisdom’. Whole day our mind wanders in the former kind of thoughts as we believe that other person has done the thing right or wrong. This, however is against God’s thinking, which is that all bodies are His bodies and whatever is happening is being done according to His will.

God & Maya are two different kinds of knowledge. Maya is the knowledge that we all have and is practiced everywhere. God is the knowledge that is written in older scriptures.

Maya creates worries in the mind, diseases in the body and so on. God removes worries from the mind and diseases from the body, stops ageing process and grants everlasting life.

No one has been able to save himself from death because no one has become Godly in his thoughts. Everyone has remained materialistic and therefore, met with the same destiny.

We all have to transform our thoughts from maya to God. This transformation takes time. And as with most things, the first step is difficult. However, unless we take the all-important first step we can never reach the goal.

One drop of water is water & the ocean is also water, likewise one thought of God is also God.

My personal experience shows that if one develops the thought of God (Truth) in his heart, even 10-15 times a day, will be able to see Holy Light in 4-6 weeks. The duration can vary person to person but eventually everyone is able to obtain relief from tension & worry.

My faith becomes stronger with every passing day. I have no dopubt that this is the only Wisdom that can remove jealousy, hatred, greed, desire, anger etc. from man’s heart. Intellectual power is nothing compared to spiritual power.

Truth alone is God and Truth alone can save man and grant everlasting life.

Worry creates diseases, causes ageing and ultmately death. There is no medicine for driving worries away. Truth alone can kill worry.

The scriptures are full of references to the immortality of man in the physical body. However, man has not understood this message of the scriptures and has therefore never acted on it.

Thoughts, as well as actions, must be attributed to God. We must realise that we do not exist, there is no ‘I’.

Everthing is God’s and ultimately the Truth will triumph.

Next time we will talk more about ‘I’, until then keep smiling.

the ultimate Truth

The way showed by my spiritual teacher Diljit Ji finally showed me the spiritual energy in the form of Holy Light with my open eyes.

Everyone of us seeking answers to the questions like, who is God? what is life? what is death?

The path followed showed the answers from within.

Do remember that everything in this world is happening according to God’s will.

It was in this background that Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to surrender all his karma to God. Again and Again Krishna explained the method of acting upon these words in Bhagavad Gita.

A lot of people may avoid following this path for the reasons below:

1. That there is nothing new in this and that they already know that God is the doer of everthing.

2. Others believe that God has never said that He is the Doer of everything and He has given a free will to mankind to do good or bad.

3. Some may argue that if God is the Doer of every action, then why is there so much sorrow in the world.

4. Lot of people are so ingrained with their beliefs that they are afraid of taking up a new way of thinking. God may be disappointed with them.

5. Some are afraid of leaving their gurus as they give more importance to the words of man than to the words of the scriptures.

Virat Swaroop of Krishna

I am the start & finish.

Thank you for reading me.

We will talk about God & Maya in my next blog.

Until then Keep Smiling

You are GOD

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Assume the period when all started. That time the GOD, who has all the knowledge had converted the things into NATURE and changed himself to MAN & WOMAN. It means he had not made man & woman but convert himself into both.

In the coming time This blog will try to show what was said in the heading.

Wait and smile till the time.

Hello world!

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